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keisha courtney

Keisha discovered the power of yoga when she was in a high-visibility, high-stress career as a TV news reporter. Her yoga practice helped her cope with anxiety not only in her job, but also in her daily life. Since leaving the world of media, fitness has become her true calling. She is the creator of Alignment-Vinyasa® and the founder of The Driven Yogi, a company dedicated to teaching yoga studio owners and teachers how to bring more diversity and inclusivity into their spaces. 

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aishatu yusuf

Aishatu (Aisha) was apprehensive about the practice of yoga as a former D1 athlete with a preference for high-intensity workouts. However, after a persistent back injury, pain from years of pushing her body to its limits, and a high-stress career, Aisha found herself seeking balance. Aisha has learned that the thrill of accomplishment can exist at the intersection of physical movement, the mental practice of restraint, and the necessity of constraint. With a light-hearted approach to body movement, Aisha has taught her high-energy classes in studios across the country and believes that sweat, intentional breath, good music, and laughter helps, even the hard stuff become just a little bit more tolerable.

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denesia rodgers

Denesia's yoga journey began in 2013 when she was looking for restoration and strength to combat her life long struggle with scoliosis. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) through Yoga District in 2020 and is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) at the 200-hour level through Yoga Alliance. Denesia has a strong desire to bring the practice of yoga to various communities of people since yoga has been a huge part of her path to restoration. Denesia’s teaching offerings are based on foundational, alignment, breathing, and relaxation. Her classes are based in the vinyasa flow tradition, with a focus on the breath, alignment, strength building, and accessibility.

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meena yusuf

Aminatu (Meena) is a public health practitioner turned corporate cog. Although trained in public health, she found the western health delivery models were more “disease care” than “health care” and exited the field. In seeking her own healing, Meena created @makingmeena, an online space dedicated to finding wholeness through creativity, food, and movement. It doesn’t matter where you are on your wellness journey, the balance that you seek is also seeking you. Wholeness isn’t a final destination, but it’s what you unearth as you make a conscious decision to do a little better with each new day. We are who and what we make, I am making Meena. 

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janelle and jasmine

Janelle and Jasmine are co-founders of Sol & Sound, a pioneering wellness company that produces wellness experiences, festivals, and digital content to enhance BIPOC millennial and Gen-Z wellbeing. Since 2020, during the height of the BLM protests, Sol & Sound has provided unique sound healing experiences that have attracted thousands of attendees and collaborations with leading music artists and wellness practitioners. Our mission is to introduce the global BIPOC community to mental, spiritual, and generational healing via live music, sacred sound meditation and alternative healing modalities. Together the dynamic duo combined their passions for multi-dimensional wellness, music, and community impact to create Sol & Sound. 

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